Current (and Future) Projects

Through the generosity of our friends, Greenwood will complete many restoration projects and other large capital investment projects that are currently in the planning stages. 

Tree Program – Unfortunately, many of our pine trees have been infected with pine wilt and other diseases. Your donation can be directed at removing the infected trees, and a tree replacement program will commence after the damaged trees have been fully removed.

Electronic Directory – The Board of Trustees is currently researching the potential installation of an electronic touch-screen directory at the cemetery.  This directory would allow visitors to walk up to a kiosk, search for a loved one and locate them through the use of an interactive map.  The directory would also share other information within our database as permitted, such as photos, obituaries, genealogy & biography of individuals buried in the cemetery.  With your help, we can make this incredible tool available to our visitors.

Fencing – A cemetery is a special place to honor loved ones – a sacred place that should be kept safe from intruders and vandals who do not share in this sentiment.  It is our hope to complete the wrought-iron fencing around the cemetery to discourage unwanted intruders from entering and damaging the grounds and headstones.

Hydroseeding New Graves – Due to drought conditions and sporadic rain events, the Board of Trustees has adopted a fall hydroseeding program for new graves as opposed to immediate seeding after burial.

Land acquisition – In order to ensure that the cemetery has sufficient space in the future, we are making inquiries into adjacent or near-adjacent properties that may be acquired through purchase or gift.  Currently, our cemetery only has enough land to accommodate burials for the next 50 years. Please help us to sustain the legacy of the families resting at Greenwood, so that one day, their children’s children will have the opportunity to choose a final resting place amongst their ancestors.

Repaving Roads – Some of the paved roads that were installed during the post-WWII era have deteriorated, and fundraising efforts will be directed towards replacing the worst areas.

‘Baby Land’ – The Cemetery Association, in conjunction with the Knights of Columbus, are investigating the development of a designated ‘Baby Land’, to be located in the 2nd Addition, West, Blocks 3 or 4.  This area will be set aside for cremain burial, tissue remains from stillbirth or miscarriage, or full casket burials for infants and children under a specific age.


If you are interested in donating to any of these projects, please click here.