Graves & Prices

At Greenwood Cemetery, most people still choose a traditional, in-ground burial. An in-ground burial is available for either full-body interment in a casket, or as the final resting place for the cremated body, which may be scattered directly in the earth or buried inside an urn.  By making arrangements in advance, you can ensure that yourself and your loved ones will remain side-by-side forever. If you have any questions, or are interested in any of the options below, please contact us here.

Graves & Lots
Single Grave: $700
North Circle Grave: $800
Infant “Baby Land” Grave: $350

Open and Close Graves
Standard Single Grave: $750
Cremains: $500
Infant: $400

Recording Fees
Ownership Transfers and Sales: $50

Disinterment and Relocation Fees
Disinterment Fee         $1500
Relocation Fee              $1750

Monument or Memorial Placement (Head and Foot Stones)
Permit Required for Each Placement: $75/each placement permit

Additional Fees
Requested ancestry research or documentation:  $50/Hour

Fees are subject to change without  notice.

Payment Plans are available upon request.