Rules & Regulations

In the common interest of Greenwood Cemetery Association, the Board of Directors has established rules and regulations governing the overall operation, maintenance, and safety of the property.  Compliance with these articles is expected by all of us who use or visit our cemetery as a matter of respect and safety for everyone.

Section 1 – General Rules

Hours of Operation – The cemetery is considered open from dawn to dusk throughout the year.

Children – Children should be accompanied by a parent or responsible adult. Please consider the safety of children and the respect for personal property of others when visiting the cemetery.

Pets – Pets are not allowed in the cemetery.  Large pets are intimidating to some visitors and all pets are sometimes an indiscrete problem on cemetery property. Pets may also be distracted by wildlife and cause problems for other visitors in the cemetery.

Disturbing the Peace – Maintaining the considerate, quiet, and peaceful surroundings for those buried in Greenwood Cemetery is a primary goal of the Greenwood Cemetery Association.  It is expected that all who visit the cemetery respect the needs of others wishing to grieve a lost loved one or celebrate the lives of those missing from our presence in the serene surroundings provided in Greenwood Cemetery.

Litter and Trash – Trash receptacles are located at various places around the cemetery foruse by all visitors.  Your help in keeping the cemetery grounds clean is appreciated.

Firearms – Firearms, except those used for military ceremonies or carried by law enforcement, are not permitted in the cemetery.

Decorations – Graves may be decorated throughout the calendar year.  However, in order to maintain the natural beauty of the cemetery, decorations that have a limited life span and those that pose a general maintenance problem, must be removed within ten (10) days of placement. Association members, officers and employees of the cemetery are not responsible for the placement, preservation, or the security of any items placed on or around gravesites. Items that are to be considered permanent must be secured to the grave marker or to the base of the grave monument.  Please consider the value and exposure of any item that is to be used as a permanent part of the gravesite.  Greenwood Cemetery reserves the right to remove and dispose of items that pose a problem for general maintenance or have been left on a grave for an extended period of time.

Speed Limit – The speed limit for all vehicles within the cemetery is set at ten (10) miles per hour.

Vehicle Operation – Please operate all motor vehicles in a safe and reasonable manner on designated driveways. Note that some driveways are one-way to ease traffic congestion.  No motor vehicles are allowed in gravesite areas without authorization of cemetery personnel.  Large, heavy vehicles are not allowed in the cemetery without the authorization of cemetery personnel. Vehicle owners are responsible for damage to any property within the cemetery grounds done by their vehicle.

Parking – Vehicles may be parked to each side of the paved driveways with consideration for moving traffic.  During time of wet weather or heavy snow fall care must be taken to lessen the damage to grassed areas.

Vandals and Vandalism – Protection, day and night, of the cemetery is provided by frequent patrols by the City of Wayne Police Department.  Anyone seeing suspicious or improper behavior are asked to call the Police.  Destruction of property in the cemetery is considered a serious offense and will be prosecuted under law.

Liability – The Greenwood Cemetery Association, the Board of Trustees of Greenwood Cemetery, and employees of the Greenwood Cemetery Board of Trustees are held liable only for problems or damage arising from general cemetery management and maintenance. All gravesites and gravesite décor are considered personal property, owned by individual Greenwood Cemetery Association members. Damage caused by Acts of God, vandalism, or other unforeseen sources is considered as damage to personal property, owned by the individual(s) member(s) of the Greenwood Cemetery Association.

Nebraska Law requires that insurance policies for personal property covers all property owned in a cemetery setting.  It is suggested that all Greenwood Cemetery Association members visit with their personal insurance carriers about cemetery property.

Contractors – Work being done in the cemetery by contractors will be supervised by the cemetery superintendent.

Plants and Trees – Planting flowers, trees and bushes or other flora on the cemetery grounds is limited to certain areas of the cemetery.  No live in-ground plantings are permitted within the location of any gravesite.  Potted plants at gravesites are permitted for limited times during the year.  Removal and trimming trees and plants will be at the discretion of the Board of Trustees.


Section 2 – Gravesite Rules

Grave Sales – Graves can be sold by any member of the Board of Trustees during normal business hours, Monday thru Friday from 8am to 4pm.   A Deed of Ownership will be provided when payment for the grave is completed. A gravesite owner becomes a member of The Greenwood Cemetery Association and can participate as a voting member when Association business is conducted at the annual meeting.

Perpetual CarePerpetual Care is an amount deducted from the sale price of all grave spaces.  That money is invested in protected accounts by the Board of Trustees for the continuing care and maintenance of the general cemetery grounds.  Only interest from these investments can be used for such purposes as mowing, care of trees, snow removal and other care as the cemetery may, from time to time, need.

Owner Assignments – Gravesite owners may not assign graves to another person unless the assignment is recorded by the Association Secretary.  A recording fee will be assessed for these requests.

Interment of Deceased OwnerGrave spaces will be prepared and opened when the Superintendent is notified by a family member or a funeral director.  Record of ownership will be verified by the Secretary or the Superintendent.  The family may be required to provide an ownership deed before the grave is prepared for an interment.  A twenty-four (24) hour notice is requested for site preparation.

Multiple Interments – One grave may, with restrictions, be used for multiple burials. Four (4) cremation containers may be buried in a single grave location.  Stacked burials, one vault on top of another, are permitted in all locations except the North Circle in the cemetery.  Extra fees are charged for stacked burials.  Exception: In the North Circle area each grave is limited to one (1) full body burial.

Interment Fees – Fees for interment may be requested at the time of burial or as part of the funeral directors fees.  In some cases, payment prior to burial may be requested.

Grave Re-Opening and Removals – Graves may not be re-opened nor remains removed from the cemetery unless there is compliance with all local and state laws.  Please consult a funeral director or an attorney for these transactions.  All fees and liabilities, including record-keeping fees, associated with a re-opening or removal of remains are the responsibility of the person(s) requesting this service.  The Board requests a forty-eight (48) hour notice prior to disinterment.  These services will not be allowed from November 1st thru April 30th.

Relocations in Greenwood – Relocating a grave in the cemetery, i.e. moving an interred body to a new location within the cemetery, is allowed with the same restrictions as Grave Re-Opening and Removals (above).  Recording and burial fees will be assessed to the person(s) requiring this service.

Monuments and Gravesite Décor – Please refer to Appendix A or ask a Board member for this information.


Section 3 – Special Circumstances

Special circumstances may arise in which the literal enforcement of a rule may impose unnecessary hardship.  The Trustees therefore reserve the right, without notice, to make temporary exceptions, suspensions or modifications to any of the


Rules for Gravesite Ownership in Veterans Addition

1. Veteran, wife, and legal dependent child will be eligible for burial if veteran was discharged or released under conditions other than dishonorable.

2. Marker regulation will be military type flat marker of American White Marble, Light Gray Granite, or Bronze.

3. One stone per gravesite.

4. Setting requirements: 10″ depth x 8″ wash. Flag holder will be placed in wash.

5. Flower pot can be placed between markers, set in concrete, and in line with the markers. Flower pot can be turned up for two weeks before Memorial Day and has to be turned down two weeks after Memorial Day.